Never Land

Friday, January 18, 2008

Never Land - To the children of the world

The elephant lifts his nose
The hope of the world is rising;
The hippopotamus opens his mouth
The sorrow of the world is dissolving;
The peacock dances his shining feathers
Coloring the hearts of children of the world;
The eagle spreads his wings
Bring the children of the world to fly,
Higher, farer, that we need more dreams,
No one shall dismay forever
Let me tell you a secret place
The children’s never land,
Where we laugh, we cry and we love,
Bath in the sunshine
Under the same sky.

p.s. inspired by a Chinese song

The Mermaid’s Song

She weeps before singing
Let the tears wash away the sorrow and sadness;
She sighs before saying
Aye! I shall return
To the place I belong;
She stands alone
Finds no way home;
Feels the tear drop against the rain fall;
Who can tell is it tear or rain?
Follows the rain fall runs through the river
Flows the tears, rains and river to the sea;
Where the place she belongs
Where the place she called home.

Thousand Grateful Things

There are so many things we should say ‘THANKS’ to our God, our parents, brothers sisters, teachers, friends and even strangers. For the love we receive and the love we can give. For the things we have, for the things which we do not have. Here is my ‘Thousand Grateful Things’ list, not reach thousand yet, Inshaallah by God’s will, I will complete it in someday. Perhaps you can add some thing more for me.
1. I have wonderful parents, wonderful brother and sister, and sister-in-law, brother-in-law,

plus a most adorable nephew.
2. I have eyes can see, ears can hear, mouth can talk, hands can touch, legs can walk.
3. When walking in a sunny day, I have an umbrella with me.
4. When walking in a rainy day, I have an umbrella with me.
5. A one fine day, I have a novel and a cup of coffee with me.
6. A one fine night, I am doing assignment while listening to my favorite radio station.
7. A stormy, rainy day, I’m at home with family around me.
8. To watch a fantastic movie with a good accompany.
9. After shopping, the bus immediately appears in front of me.
10. Have a neat and clean prayer room in the shopping complex, or airport.
11. Have clothes to wear with the smell of sunshine.
12. There is someone to receive me when Eid Fitri, Eid Adha and Chinese New Year.
13. I go back home twice a year.
14. I have friends (lecturers) to enlighten and inspiring me.
15. I am a Muslim.
To be continued.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Should human virtues be tested?

Once in world literature class, our respective professor quoted a saying from the poet Robert Browning “No virtue is virtue unless it has been tested”. I respect professor very much, since he is such a gentle and knowledgeable man, and of course, the great poet Robert Browning as well. Somehow, I don’t really agree with this point of view; by the way, professor ever said that he likes all of us to challenge his view. I think I’m going to try a bit.
Before we test our virtues, there are several questions to be considered, such as to what extent that we test the virtue? What is our purpose? I had read a story about a great captain who has adventured and experienced all around the world. He is well-known for his nobility and honesty. However, he betrays his best friend who is also his boss, because of the temptation of huge amount of money. Therefore, he lost his reputation, he ruins his career, and he destroys his life eventually, for he will bear the name of “betrayal” for the rest of his life. Yes, he was unable to prove his virtue and the test, but are we not being too cruel for setting up this kind of test? What will happen if he never encounters this test? Why do we purposely send a Lucifer to meet a person who has never experience wicked and evil?
In daily life, every minute, every second, every breath that we take, every step that we make, we are constantly tested by God. Let us focus and concentrate on our own test, pray harder that we can pass the test, so why bother to test other people? For nature of human is too weak to be tested, so please don’t try to test the least virtue that we have. Especially, don’t try to test your beloved’s loyalty.

Farewell, Malaysia!

Every time when we recall something in the past, an unforgettable memory, a significant change in our lives, we used to say: Ah ! It seems like it just happened yesterday.
However, this time I won’t say so, for me, since the first day I came to Malaysia from Taiwan, amazingly I have spent 4 years in here, as if a century. Sometime I wonder how did I survive when I was all alone in here, whatever come to me are bitterness, sadness and sweetness, I have tasted them all by myself. When I was alone here, I understand the feeling for being an orphan in this world.
Things are not always negative. While I lost some things, I have gained some things as well. Significantly, I have learned some things, which I will call them “the lessons of life”. Firstly, I’m appreciating that the prayer room are provided in shopping complex, and the mosques are everywhere. More important, the halal foods are everywhere as well. I’m sure that being a Muslim in Taiwan, they are the most precious in the world. Secondly, I’m appreciating that all the knowledgeable lecturers and lovely friends I have met. For all the lecturers, you have enlightened and broadened my mind; I start to see things in a different view. For all the lovely friends, you have polished my concept of friendship.
Lastly, during the four years in Malaysia, there are so many changes in my life, my beloved brother and sister have found their true love and got married, and I became an aunty, since the birth of Iliyas, my first adorable, lovely nephew. Towards the end of my stay in Malaysia, Alhamdulillah, thanks God, finally I have found the true meaning of life.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

welcome to my never land!

hello everyone!

this is my first blog, created in 8th January, 2008
my final semester study in International Islamic University Malaysia.

i'l be appreciate that if you can drop by my blog.